A big part of property management often includes handling plumbing issues. When you manage a beachfront property, such as that in Huntington Beach, CA, you may have some more sensitive and difficult plumbing issues. Here are some of those issues and how you should probably handle them.


Sump Pumps and Waste Water Heading Toward the River or Ocean

Properties located very close to the river that runs through the middle of Huntington Beach and close to the ocean may have sump pumps to keep flood waters at bay. Unfortunately, when tidal waves hit or water rises over the banks of the river, these properties may have a backward flow of waste water. It could be as uncomplicated as excess ocean/river and rain water, or as unpleasant as human waste flowing backward into the properties you manage.

To address this particular problem when it occurs, build up the barrier surrounding the property. Sand bags are cheapest, and most easily moved into position. Upgrade the sump pump motor to help move whatever water comes in and makes it past the sand bag barrier. If there is significant human waste contamination, call a plumbing expert to help pump out the waste and keep it from running into the natural water supply.

Water Salinity Through the Tap

On occasion the tap water that is drawn from the ocean to service the water needs of the residents of Huntington Beach may still be slightly salty. If your tenants or residents call you to complain about the salinity of their tap water, this may be the reason why. Processing the water through a filtration pitcher may help, but if your tenants or residents are still disquieted by the taste of the water, you can try a different approach.

The city’s water department suggests running the tap faucet for several minutes to help flush the saltiness out of the pipes and allow some of the usual water flow through. It also helps to follow the rise and fall of the ocean tides, since some of the ocean water can flow upriver at high tide and move out at low tide. Ergo, waiting until low tide to fill one’s water bottles and pitchers from the kitchen tap may help with this particular problem if it persists.

Water Softeners and Beachfront Properties32d

When the properties you manage are right on the beach, some of them pull and use the ocean water directly from the ocean. These properties do not need additional salt of any kind in their water, so if you have water softeners installed on these properties to help purify the water, use something other than salt pellets in the softener. Ask your local home improvement store associate for alternative water softener pellets, or if your tenants/residents have their bags of water softener pellets delivered, instruct them to use the non-salt pellets.

Contaminants in the Water Supply

On occasion, contaminants still come ashore in the water and contaminate the water supply. When the mayor issues a city-wide boiling directive to keep residents healthy, make sure all of your tenants/residents have received this message and are aware of why they will need to boil their water for awhile. Otherwise, bottled water is always an option at the expense of those living on the properties you manage.